February is Heart Month

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We should all keep in mind that February in heart month and that we all should consider doing something to help out this worthy cause.  Heart problems effect every one of us either directly or through people that we know.  Hundreds of thousands of people a year are dying from heart related problems and the chances that we will know one of these people is eventually imminent.  By doing what you ca such as becoming a collector or just giving to this cause we can help to establish better links in the fight against heart diseases.  February is the month for the American Heart Foundation and this is the month that they will be collecting money in order to help fund the research that will help many people all over the world.

Heart disease is actually the leading cause of death in America however the government choose to underfund these programs that could potentially help the hundreds of thousands of people who are getting sick each year.  Instead of spending billions of dollars on the biggest killer in America they choose to spend million on the heart foundation and billions on defense.  The statistics do not add up correctly however there is really no fighting the government and their policies.  Coronary heart disease is the biggest killer in the United Stated of America and nearly one million Americans each year will suffer from a heart attack of this nature.

Over eating, drinking, smoking and many of the finer things in life all add up to heart problems for most people.  Even if your family has a history of heart disease this does not mean that you cannot control the future outcome of your hearts health.  With constant diet, a little exercise and limiting those finer things in life mentioned above you can control the amount of damage that happens to your heart.  Unfortunately in every person the heart is the only human muscle that does not repair itself like skeletal muscle does.  This means that once the heart is damaged you will fell the effects of the trauma for your lifetime.  With the help of the American Heart Foundation and Heart Month the researchers can assure that living with the effects of a heart attack or any other heart problems can still mean that you live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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